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Our Story

We are here to create a more economically prosperous world by taking crypto beyond normal trading and introducing it to the business world in order to unlock its true potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the Crypto powerhouse of the African Continent by starting with a world-class crypto and fiat exchange and growing beyond crypto while expanding into a true digital bank.


Our technology intends to move mountains by operating and offering everyday services on the Blockchain that’ll empower people to take control of their situation in seizing more economic opportunities.


Chryptex Exchange

The Chryptex Exchange aims to simplify the process of trading Crypto and Fiat as it looks to establish itself as the business gateway for Africa.

We intend to differentiate ourselves from current crypto exchanges by not only building on what they do well but also improve on their weak points, all while driving crypto to become part of the business world and truly benefit from what they have to offer.

Chryptex Exchange forms the backbone of the entire ecosystem as it facilitates the conversion of domestic and international business by providing a sufficient platform for transactions to execute in a more efficient and affordable way too many alternative options.

In making crypto easier accessible for the average person, we aim to simplify the processes of investing and doing business, both domestically and internationally.

Chryptex Exchange aims to grow into more than just a crypto exchange by offering investors access to traditional stocks. This offering will allow users access to international investments by removing geographical and high entry cost restrictions.

In its quest for globalization, the Chryptex Exchange will be available in multiple languages in order to facilitate international business more efficiently.

In addition, the exchange will be available on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Chryptex Stable Currencies

The range of Chryptex Stable Currencies intends to acquaint users with using cryptocurrencies in their daily lives.

They differentiate themselves from current stable coins by not only offering users a haven when dealing with crypto yet offer users the opportunity to transact in cryptocurrencies with stable and predictable values when paying for goods and services daily.

We believe that the introduction of stable currencies into the world of crypto will cause them to take over the role of daily transacting while the other will convert to more investment like options.

Users are able to transact in the currency of their choice, all while enjoying benefits such as improved security over using cash, lightning fast transaction times, ultra-low fees and being able to pay for goods and services in a more convenient way.

These virtual currencies aspire to motivate more people to start making use of cryptocurrencies on a daily basis, thus giving the currencies true value as opposed to only being traded on exchanges. This, in turn, creates the opportunity for business to be conducted using cryptocurrency thus expanding the trade of crypto beyond normal buying and selling of assets to true transacting and value creation using crypto.

Businesses will be able to receive cryptocurrencies more willingly as these virtual currencies lack the infamous volatility associated with cryptocurrencies.

Chryptex Digital Bank

Chryptex Digital Bank will be one of the first true digital banks to operate entirely on the Blockchain as it introduces the consumer to more transparent fees and spending, blistering fast transactions and payments on a global level with an enormous reduction in fees.

Chryptex Digital Bank aims to establish a connection and relation to existing banks to ensure sufficient communication and conducting of business, thus acting as a viable alternative to traditional banks. The majority of current crypto-banks fail in that they do not provide a viable alternative solution to persuade users to migrate to a crypto banking ecosystem that can replace their current banking solutions.

Our banking solution aims to provide users with a solution that provides a mobile/online banking experience that’ll allow them to transact using both fiat and cryptocurrencies much like a traditional bank account.

This next generation bank intends to meet consumer expectations and needs in keeping up with the times by providing a branchless and consumer-centric service where everyone is able to manage his or her finances on a visually attractive and user-friendly platform, without the unnecessary high fees and sometimes slow customer service.

Chryptex believes that by obtaining an international banking license and tailoring solutions for both individuals and businesses, we will provide an attractive product that’ll create healthy competition in the banking and mobile payments industries. We intend to offer a product that’ll set the tone for what a crypto-bank should be.

Success Roadmap


About Us

Our Vision is to become the Crypto powerhouse of the African continent. Starting off with a world-class international Crypto and FIAT currency exchange, Chryptex will expand into being one of the first true digital banks that operate on the Blockchain, offering people true transparency, financial power and freedom.

Our goal is to serve everyday users, seasoned traders, businesses of all kinds and sizes, regulatory institutions and governments.

We are here to create a better, Economically Free, world for everyone and aim to release the economic capacity of those that were previously left behind, in this way helping create a prosperous and sustainable economic future.

The protection of user assets is of utmost concern to the Chryptex team and therefore Chryptex maintains the highest ethical and legal standards.

Chryptex is a registered private company (K2018344861) in South Africa and works within the rules and regulations of the Republic of South Africa. Chryptex is committed to working with international authorities to ensure no illegal activity is carried out on our platforms.

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